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Lewabo is an online inspirational movies streaming website. An entertainment platform for the whole family. Local and international movies; Nigerian movies, American movies, African American movies, African movies. Christian movies. Enjoy hundreds of inspiring, uplifting, positive family-friendly movies. 

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Dangerous Twist' Trailer

Watch on Lewabo

'Ama' Trailer

'Sister Nurse' Trailer.

'Tabitha' Trailer

Watch on Lewabo

A perfect union trailer

Stubborn Fly Trailer

'Misconception Triangle' Trailer

Watch on Lewabo

'Tamuno' Trailer

'Nwoye's Judgement 'Trailer

Sugar Marks Trailer

Watch on Lewabo

Devil's Urge trailer

'Beulah' Trailer

Watch on Lewabo

'Beyond borders' Trailer

'Loving the princess' Trailer

what she wrote

Watch on Lewabo

Money from Peace trailer

'Outside the bank' Trailer

Watch on Lewabo

'Laurie' Trailer

'Liquor Store Heist'  Trailer

A need to know trailer

Watch on lewabo